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First time mom goals for 2024

Updated: Jan 6

Believe it or not, 2024 is already here! As a new mom it is important to make goals and new resolutions for 2024 so you can look forward to the year ahead and become a better person towarads yourself and your family. With each new year comes new growth opportunity.

As I reflect on my personal year and look ahead for the new year I wanted to set some new goals for 2024. It does not matter whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, single mom it is important to write down and follow your goals!

Below I highlight some of the goals which are important for me as a first time mom:

Be more organised:

Let's be real, being more organised in life, makes life simply more pleasant, enjoyable and smooth. In 2023 I only had to make sure that mine or my husbands activities/ to do lists were done and now with our newborn, life is more fulfilled with more activities on our to do list. Now I put a big emphasis on being more organised as it makes my life more enjoyable. Some to do items which I encountered with a newborn were:

  • organising a first time passport for my little one

  • signing up for nursery and schools

  • setting them up with a health plan (in our case in the UK with Bupa)

Invest in you:

In order to keep the healthy lifestyle and care for your newborn it is important that you invest in yourself. Make this as one of your goals and priorities so you can always look and feel awesome. Some of the tips which I incorporated in my lifestyle are:

  • getting help with childcare - hired a nanny

  • getting a massage once a week

  • jogging/going to the gym/playing tennis

  • spending time outdoors in the park walking or reading my book

  • one new goals for 2024 is to join a family or mom group to learn from each other experiences

Be more creative/ learn a new skill:

  • creating my blog

I have always loved the topic on newborns and my goal for 2024 is to share my knowledge with a community around me about everything I have learned so far around newborns.

I also wanted to learn about how to create a blog online so I can share this knowledge. I have watched plenty of youtube videos and tutorials when I was out on the walks with my baby, so I have created this blog where I can share as much as possible as I embark on this journey. We are all capable of learning new skills, no matter what age we are, so I would encourage you to find your new passion, be creative, invest some time and do what you always wanted to do.

Spend more time with your loved ones (especially your husband/partner):

As a first time mom, we always try to use every minute we have to spend with our newborn (which is how it should be, in my opinion). Often times we forget that we are also a wife, so it is very important to spend quality time with your husband too. Once we have created some routines around our baby, my husband and I are now able to spend quality time with each other. Since one of our goals was to hire a nanny and we do have an amazing childcare, we are now able to go on a date once a week, enjoy our quality time, talk to each other, turn off all digital distractions and just be in love.

I feel since we had a baby, emotions between us are now even stronger, the love is bigger so we definitely enjoy each other's company even more.

The goal for 2024 is to spend even more time together and once our baby develops more routines we can certainly incorporate more times for ourselves.

The goal is simply to spend more time together in the evening, once we have finished all of our baby activities and we have put our baby to sleep. As a parent it is very important to have a healthy relationship, because this will affect your child development as well. Our baby can feel if we have a healthy marriage and if parents are very happy because we share this energy with our baby.

Create a child fund:

This goal is very particular for families living in the large cites where education is very expensive. My husband and I decided to create a baby fund where we started saving for our baby for an education from a very young age. Nursery, primary school, secondary, college everything is extremely expensive and we felt it was smart to create a fund where every month we can put aside a small amount for our kids future. Since I work in finance, I personally know the importance of saving and investing, so creating an account for your little one is very important.

Practice Reflection:

I started practising reflection and gratitude only recently with my sister, so now I plan to continue this goal with my close ones (being it a friend, sister or husband, but it is important to share it with someone who is very close to you and who understands you). It was very important for me to share my reflection and things which I was grateful for that day, so I simply shared 3 to 5 things per day which I was grateful for since I had my newborn. By practising this goal, I kept my days positive and I was truly grateful for everything I have achieved that day. Now I reflect on new things with my husband before going to bed each night. I typically share 3-5 things with him which I have accomplished that day but also things I can improve on and be better at. This really helps me improve, grow, and also self reflect on my personal life in a much better way.

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