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Mom's lifestyle with a newborn

It is such a nice journey raising a child. Since I had my first baby, I could not have been happier how much joy our baby boy brings us in our homes.

I always loved babies, but having your own one is such an important milestone in your life as a mom.

While most of our energy as a parent is focused on our little ones, it its also very important that you do something for your self on daily basis.

For me my fitness levels was something that was very important to me, so as soon as I left hospital I started my walks. Probably on day 5 we were already out with our little ones, but the truth is that I waited for day 40 to start exercising properly. Some of you might return to exercising earlier, and some of you later, but I wanted to wait 40 days to start with my usual activities. Now, our body has such an amazing functional memory, that as soon as I started running or gymming, my fitness levels were coming back very fast.

Today as I spend most of my time with my newborn I try to incorporate doing some activity every day for myself. It is very important to do this, just so you can have firstly enough energy to go through your days, but also the personal happiness of accomplishing something for yourself so you can spend the days in the best possible way.

Some of the activities which I did and were important to me were; exercising, seeing family or your loved ones for a coffee/ walk, going for a manicure/ pedicure, massage (very important due to breastfeeding), reading my book and actually writing this blog. This is how I initially started with an idea of having my own blog, as baby topic were and are something that made me so happy. I used to document daily in my notepad how I spend my time with the little one and what was the daily highlight which I accomplished with my newborn and for myself, while now I am publishing all that in my blog.

As days and weeks go by (we are now on week 12) I do something for myself every day. I exercise every day (simply by going to the nearby gym, doing home exercises, or yoga), see family for coffee, spend quality time with my husband, or going shopping (which is very rare but I still occasionally do like to pop in to few shops).

You, as a mom simply do not have 24 hours for your self, but you can organising your day around your little one, because if you structure your day properly by incorporating daily routines for you baby you will certainly have time for yourself.

Now that I know my baby is supposed to have 3 naps during the day (on week 12, or hopefully will be sleeping for 2 to 2.5 hours during their lunch naps) you know that you can spend this quality time by seeing your friends, going to your favourite restaurant, going for massage or whatever it may be that makes your happy.

As a tennis mom, I always liked routines in my life, because playing tennis on a professional level, you had to have routines in your life.

Now I prioritise my little one always but I still certainly have time for my self to accomplish everything that is on my to do list.

By reading this post I just wanted to highlight that it is possible to have your life back, doing things that you love and also spending the best quality time with your baby.

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