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Navigating the First Trimester: A Journey into Motherhood

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Embarking on the incredible journey of pregnancy brings a myriad of emotions and physical changes. The first trimester, often accompanied by excitement and anticipation, also introduces various challenges. From morning sickness to the initial signs of new life, this blog goes into the rollercoaster ride of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

As a soon-to-be mom, understanding the transformations your body undergoes and managing the symptoms becomes paramount. We explore tips on combating nausea, embracing self-care, and fostering a healthy mindset during this delicate period. Join us on this enlightening voyage into the initial stages of motherhood, and let's navigate the first trimester together.

As a new mom the feeling of being pregnant was the best feeling for me. Also as a tennis mom I stayed very active during the first trimester so I have had very few symptoms which impacted my day to day life.

However, everyone is different when it comes to experiences and symptoms through the first trimester.

The most common symptoms were morning sickness.

The best was to deal with this was to eat the foods that would really suit you, which were not acid so you do not cause yourself any more burning sensation with the morning sickness.

The trick of how to avoid the morning sickness for me was to exercise first thing in the morning so I did not have time to think or feel about those symptoms.

My the mid morning, I would feel so well that I could just continue with my day.

Second and third trimester are becoming also more challenging for some people, but as we all go through the change our body really adjust and makes the necessary changes for your baby to develop.

By third trimester, the biggest change I have felt was sleep, since I am a very good sleeper, sleep became more impacted.

I have also reduces daily fitness activities, ate the foods that I enjoyed eating and continue the life as normal. I think the best way to go through this journey is to try and live the life in the same way as you would if you were not pregnant and try to shift your mind that this is only a 9 month journey and you will soon be mom, which is the best feeling in the world.

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