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Newborn items

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Your shopping list for your newborn (must have items)

As a first time mom, everything around my baby was new to me.

I wasn't sure which baby items to buy, what was a must have, good to have and not necessary items to have so below I created a list of "must have items".

I used to ask my friends what baby shampoo I should buy or what newborn bed I should own so below I have created a list of items which hopefully you will find very useful.

I am a first time mom and did not even know even what 1, 1.5 or 2 tog is for sleeping bags so hopefully the below post will be very useful for first time moms.

Any questions please do reach out.

Enjoy your shopping. 

Next to me bed: 

First baby bath

Baby carrier

Baby bouncer

Changing table and mat

3 in 1 humidifier and drops

Grooming kit + thermometer for babies:

Sleeping bag

Baby bath and towels:

Breastfeeding pillow:

Blanket and muslin cloths: 

Adding the multi functional high chair from newborn + 

Baby massage oil:

Baby ball (toy)

Baby mat:

For you first baby vaccinations:

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